What are Secondary Market Annuities?

Secondary market annuities (SMAs) originate as structured legal settlements of personal injury cases that include defined future payment streams backed by annuities.   

Individuals who sell some or all of their future payments do so in a court ordered assignment process whereby the annuity issuers and legal counsel comply with state specific transfer laws and IRS statutes.

SMA purchasers become the new payee under these transferred in-force annuity backed payment streams.  At no time are transferred payment streams pooled, aggregated, managed by or subject to fees of a manager. 

All purchaser acquisition funds and assigned payments are handled by a state and federally regulated bank and trust company in a dedicated escrow account environment.  

Secondary market annuities come in three categories of payments:

For Income Now, use Immediate Income Secondary Market Annuities

For Income Later, use Deferred Income Secondary Market Annuities

For Safe Growth, use Lump Sum Secondary Market Annuities