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Wholesale Income has become a powerful tool used to firm up the core guaranteed holdings for many DCF Annuities clients.  They use these payment streams to create …

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DCF Wholesale Income Payments At A Glance

In case you were wondering, “DCF” stands for “Discounted Cash Flow”. And it’s just like it sounds.

It’s cash flow at a discount. In other words, cash flow with wholesale pricing.

DCF Wholesale Income Payments, have also been known in the marketplace as secondary market annuities, secondary market settlement contracts, and a few other names.

No matter what you call them, these are fixed payment streams from top-rated insurance carriers that come from structured settlements and lawsuits.

But every once in a while, the people who receive these settlements sometimes need to sell their future payments for cash today.

Unlike most annuities, original owners of these ‘structured settlement’ annuities cannot surrender their policies directly with the carriers. Instead, they need to transfer payments in a rigorously monitored and court-ordered transfer process.

That’s where we come in….

My wholesale company (DCF Exchange) buys millions of dollars of payments every month.  I’ve been buying and selling these payment streams for many years and have a deep network of attorneys and agents who source deals for me.

A big chunk of these contracts are distributed through a network of qualified agents nationwide. Hundreds of financial planners use this ultra-safe source of income for their clients each month.

There are also several annuity and income-related websites that offer some of the contracts in our inventory.

In fact, if you’ve been looking for income, you may well  have seen my inventory ALL OVER the web.

But now you’re on the Wholesale Income Members list, you have the inside track and can work directly with the OFFICIAL source.

Now that you’re working directly with the source, you will get early notification of new deals, and best of all, working directly with me allows you to request custom orders. I routinely buy payments for clients on a ‘custom order’ basis, and those deals never even hit the inventory listings.

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