“For years I have tried to wisely invest in/for our retirement. With the disastrous state of the economy in recent years, this had become a real challenge. I sat at the computer and researched how to make an investment/income stream that would be safe, reliable and not make us a burden on our children in our older years. I came upon SMAs…

Nathaniel was extremely helpful and accessible, with all my questions and concerns. He guided me every step of the way: all the while, I felt he had my back. I have done numerous deals with him, and have been very satisfied every time.

I believe I have found the answers for a major part of my future income. Nathaniel insists on an independent, 3rd party lawyer, to review all his cases, and HE pays for it. That to me is reason enough to take all my annuity business with him. Much Thanks and a job well done.”

I enjoyed working with you. Whenever possible, I’ll try to work with you for fixed streams of income. Thanks again for locating a good contract and shepherding us through.

Appreciate all your efforts!”

“Than, Thanks for locating a good contract and shepherding us through.”

You are not only good and honest professionals, but also admirable as we share the same goals. As you know, in this business it’s hard to find honest participants and you gentleman are a breath of fresh air.”

Thank you! I enjoy working with you and appreciate all your efforts as well. Whenever possible I’ll always try to work with you for fixed streams of income.”

My sister is in Ireland as we speak and enjoying the security of the deals you provided. Thanks again.”

DCF performed far above and beyond my expectations from beginning through the end closing process and beyond. When there seemed to be an issue with the trustee, DCF stepped in and cleared up all misunderstandings and insured everything was correct. I should note that the misunderstandings were really on my part and, once I was finally clear, I now fully understand and agree. Thank you DCF.”