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Every day, people ask me how I got started in this business. So, to break things up, I thought I’d share that story with you. What happened to me validates that planning for income and ensuring a guaranteed return is an absolute must for all of us.

My first career was as an independent real estate developer. I did well buying and selling apartment buildings, doing condo conversions, and developing land, using lots of debt along the way. 1997 to 2007 was a fun ride, and the rising tide lifted all ships. We raced along with a strong tailwind of inexpensive debt and inflated real estate values.

Well, I think it was Warren Buffet who said, ‘you only know who’s swimming naked when the tide goes out.’ Boy, is that the truth.

It‘s not about assets and net worth… it’s all about INCOME

In 2008, when the music stopped and the tide went out, the tailwind turned into a hurricane. Like many, I got clobbered with falling real estate and investment values, high debt, and no sales.

I realized that safety and security for my family is not about assets and net worth… it is all about INCOME. And I realized that my income depended on selling – and selling at a profit. I was on VERY thin ice.

I realized I was putting my young family in jeopardy by chasing what I thought were good deals. I was gambling not only with my dollars but their future as well. That was unacceptable.

I lost a lot of sleep for a few years extricating and rebuilding. It was also at this time that I discovered annuities and started a business working with people nationally offering exactly the kind of safety and security I myself needed in tough times… guaranteed income.

Asset Accumulation to Income

Honestly, it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Today, I help people around the country move from asset accumulation to income, and do so in a way that avoids the confusion that is too prevalent in the world of safety and guarantees.

I get to help people avoid the mistakes I made, and turn their volatile assets into safe, secure, and guaranteed income. It’s a life-changing blessing.

I want to help as many people as possible find the security and freedom that only guaranteed income can offer… a world of financial security insulated from the markets and protected from volatility.

So, welcome to I look forward to sharing more about annuities with you in the coming days, and I look forward to working with you too.

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