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Many buyers want Income Now from Immediate Income DCF Payments. This is typically a monthly income stream starting within a few months and paying on a set schedule for a number of years.

What are DCF Income Payments?

DCF Income Payments originate as structured settlements of personal injury cases that include defined future payment streams backed by annuities.   

Individuals who sell some or all of their future payments do so in a court-ordered assignment process whereby the annuity issuers and legal counsel comply with state-specific transfer laws and IRS statutes.  DCF Exchange is a buyer of these payments and distributes DCF Income Payments through a network of financial advisors nationwide, including this website.

Purchasers of DCF Income Payments become the new payee of these transferred, in-force payment streams backed by annuities.  At no time are transferred payment streams pooled, aggregated, managed by or subject to fees of a manager. 

All purchaser acquisition funds and assigned payments are handled by a state and federally regulated bank and trust company in a dedicated escrow account environment.  

DCF Income Payments come in three categories:

For Income Now, use Immediate Income DCF Payments

For Income Later, use Deferred Income DCF Payments

For Safe Growth, use Lump Sum DCF Payments

DCF Income Payments Come From Top Rated Carriers

Immediate Income Buyers

Immediate Income DCF Payment customers typically seek to fill a specific income goal, such as $1,500/ month for 15 years.  A clear idea of your goals is useful when looking at DCF Income Payments as the individual payments come and go quickly on inventory, and you need to be able to act decisively when selecting cases.

Most customers do their research to understand the market before buying their first case.  The resources on this website will help you and expert advice is only a phone call away.

You can see available inventory on this website, updated dynamically throughout the day, and can place a 48-hour hold or secure a case with a purchase order.  Holds and reservations are available on the live inventory page.

Benefits of Immediate Income DCF Payments

Immediate Income DCF Payments offer fixed income for a known period of time, at a higher yield than comparable assets like fixed annuities and primary market immediate annuities.

Here are the salient details about Immediate Income DCF Payments:

  • Monthly income in a variety of amounts – large payment streams can be split to suit your needs;
  • First come first served inventory;
  • Sellers sell at a discount, creating higher yield for buyers;
  • Great for defined and certain planning, ‘set and forget,’ safe money allocations.

Portfolios of Immediate Income DCF Payments

For customers with an income goal over +/-$2,000/ month, it is best to plan on buying multiple cases.  Competition for Immediate Income DCF Payments is such that it is most effective to define an income plan in advance, and then let us assist you in selecting specific cases to fill that allocation. We routinely acquire and place cases on a ‘custom order’ basis and those cases never appear on our inventory pages.

We have filled immediate income plans from as short as 8 years to longer than 35 years, and as little as $500 per month all the way up to $20,000/ month.  A portfolio of multiple Immediate Income DCF Payments will fill an income objective and offers carrier diversity as well.

Let’s have a look at example portfolios:

Case #1

Chris was a sophisticated insurance professional who had retired after selling his agency and consulted on the side in his retirement. For a consulting client, he discovered DCF Income Payments and immediately recognized the value in this tool to create reliable income for himself and his younger wife.

After doing due diligence on the market and on us, Chris defined his needs as $120,000 per year for 15 years, then an additional $75,000 per year for another 10 years. He then transferred the anticipated acquisition premium into an escrow account and selected several cases from available inventory that fit the need. The first cases closed within a few weeks of his initial inquiry.

Over the following 90 days, a total of 8 cases came together to form the portfolio that he needed. Click for a look at his DCF Income Payments Portfolio to see how multiple cases come together.

Chris defined his needs as $120,000 per year for 15 years, then an additional $75,000 per year for another 10 years.

Case #2

Sometimes it seems like everyone is looking for immediate income and never finds the right deal. But for Mary, the perfect immediate income deal found her.

Mary is a nurse, still working in her late 60s. Mary had accumulated over $300,000 in her IRA, but did not have a fixed income to see her through retirement.

But she started working with us and carefully did her research. To get comfortable with the market, she had us speak with all her friends and advisors until she got quite comfortable with the process and the annuities.

She described her needs and we had her order on our tickler list. We called her immediately when the right deal came around. Because she understood the process and has done her homework, she was able to make a quick decision and we secured the perfect case for her.

For $240,000, she purchased a 23-year immediate income stream paying over $1,400 per month.  The rate of return was more than double what she could find in the period certain immediate annuity markets, and much better than lifetime income options from hybrid and indexed annuities.  Plus, she still had $60,000 left over in her IRA for emergency needs and liquidity.

As a health professional, Mary knew that her own health was not the best, and she had a rational expectation that she would not live into her 90s. Plus, with Social Security, she felt that she could handle any additional risk in case she outlived this income stream.

Mary used her IRA to purchase a New York Life Immediate Income DCF Payment. After buying her annuity, several of her friends decided to investigate DCF Income Payments for their own needs as well.

Mary received her first check a few months before she planned to retire. With a company like New York Life at her back, she’s looking forward to her golden years.

Mary had accumulated over $300,000 in her IRA, but did not have a fixed income to see her through retirement… For $240,000, she purchased a 23-year immediate income stream paying over $1,400 per month.

Reach out to us if you’d like to:

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  • Ask questions about products, carriers, or DCF Income Payments
  • Discuss how a DCF Income Payments and newly-issued annuities may (or may not) fit into your portfolio

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