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At DCF Annuities, we focus on safe strategies for retirement planning. And a fixed income is an essential secret weapon that is critical to mitigating the risks you face in retirement.

Optimize Your Retirement Nest Egg Using Fixed Income

A fixed income is essential if you want to build an income plan that supports a safe and happy retirement. With a source of fixed, period certain income in retirement that at the very least covers your guaranteed expenses, you can truly make the most of your nest egg and enjoy your non-working years.

If you really think about it, when it comes to retirement, it’s not about how much money you have…. it’s about how much income you have to spend.

Turning assets into income is the central challenge of retirement planning. There are many approaches, but here’s how to do it best for a happy retirement…

For a Happy Retirement, Your Income Plan Must:

  • Cover baseline expenses with fixed income.
  • Address additional risk factors unique to retirement – longevity risk, market volatility, sequence of returns, and inflation risk.
  • Build in flexibility in your asset allocations whenever possible.
  • Seek the highest profitability you can without compromising safety.

Now, other than Social Security and pensions, the most common source of a safe fixed income that addresses these issues are annuities. Annuities will surface in almost any conversation about retirement income planning, even if the planner has a bias against them.

Understand The Role of Annuities In Retirement Income Planning

Annuities are insurance products that offer a guaranteed outcome. The outcome you desire may be income now, income later, or safe growth, or some combination of all three options.

Like any insurance product, annuities offer protection against risks.

  • Annuities are insurance and this insurance will have a cost.
  • One or more risk factors, such as volatility, longevity, and portfolio failure, will be transferred to the insurance carrier in exchange for your premium investment.
  • You transfer risk in exchange for an insured outcome that is contractually secured by the carrier.

As a result of buying an annuity, you buy fixed income payments you can count on. But it’s up to you to know what outcome you need and what you don’t need, as that is the only way to choose the right annuity.


How to Properly Consider Annuities

  • First, decide on the outcome you desire.
  • Second, use a true professional to guide the process and steer clear of the blizzard of options and contractual provisions that are not relevant to your needs.
  • Finally, act on your knowledge and make an informed decision.

This is how we do it at We use fixed income from discounted structured settlement annuities to form the floor of a solid portfolio.

Annuities are a great choice for that floor, but the exact type of annuity that you need depends on you. You might need income now for a set number of years, others might need safety and options, others still might need lifetime income.

Help yourself by setting up a free conference call with us to start the process. It’s not hard, but it’s up to you to make the first move, so call today.

Reach out to us if you’d like to:

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