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DCF Income Payments Are Not Securities

All fixed income payments referenced on this site are subject to the claims-paying ability of the individual insurance carriers.  Furthermore, DCF Income Payments are not securities and this site does not sell or offer any securities.

Important Disclosures

DCF Income Payments are also referred to by others as “Secondary Market Income Annuities” (SMIA, or SMA’s), Factored Structured Settlements (FSS) & Lottery Winnings (LW).

DCF Income Payments, SMIA, FSS & LW are not bank deposits. They are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or any other government agency. They may be partially or wholly guaranteed by State Guaranty Associations, however, we make no representations or warranties in this regard.

DCF Income Payments, SMIA, FSS & LW are subject to interest rate risk during the duration of the contract. Open market interest rates may rise, yet the rate of return on the DCF Income Payments, SMIA, FSS, or LW is locked in and fixed. Rates may also fall. In that case, a 6% DCF Income Payment yield is more valuable in a 4% rate environment than it is in an 8% one.

DCF Income Payments, SMIA, FSS & LW are reflected and monetized in U.S. Dollars. Foreign Buyers may be subject to currency exchange risk. If their home country currency strengthens against the U.S. Dollar then it will negatively impact this investment when exchanged back into the foreign currency. If the foreign currency weakens against the U.S. Dollar then it will enhance the overall yield when exchanged back into the country of origin’s currency.

DCF Income Payments, SMIA, FSS & LW In General:

The purchaser understands they are buying an income stream and/or lump sum payments. Therefore the liquidity is limited to the payment(s) being purchased. There is not a cash value nor a liquidation value nor the option to commute the value for this investment. The purchaser understands these structured assets should never be purchased with emergency funds and or money the purchaser will need before the stated cash flows.

DCF Income Payments, SMIA, FSS & LW Factored Structured Settlement payment rights are transferred by the Payee, backed by an annuity issued by a life insurance company. The transaction is reviewed and approved by a court, under court order, in accordance with an applicable state transfer statute and IRC-5891. State Lottery Payments are transferred to the Purchaser via court order by the winner pursuant to State Lottery Transfer Laws. The tax a Purchaser pays on a DCF Income Payment, SMIA, FSS or LW depends on the Purchaser’s jurisdiction of citizenship and jurisdiction of residency, as well as U.S. tax laws. DCFAnnuities.com expresses no opinion on Purchaser’s tax obligations and recommends that Purchaser consult his/her tax adviser accordingly.

Interest Rate Calculation:

Interest, payment, and price figures utilized in court documents and closing documents are calculated using Tvalue TM Amortization Software, the industry standard, using an Effective Interest Rate with a Monthly Compounding formula as term and condition. Effective Interest Rate is equivalent to Internal Rate of Return, and is the discount rate such that the Present Value of all specific payments and on all specific dates of a contract equals $0. Where there is any variation from the listing sheet, the contract entered into by Purchaser will prevail, information is subject to the final documents, is subject to change, and is not guaranteed.

Rate Benchmarks:

Certificate of Deposit (CD) rates are obtained through Bank Rate.com; Treasury Rates are obtained from U.S. Treasury.gov; Fixed Annuity Rates are obtained through ImmediateAnnuities.com and Annuity Rate Watch.

Credit Ratings:

Corporate credit ratings displayed on our site are subject to change by the respective agencies.  We strive to keep these ratings updated however can not guarantee 100% accuracy.  Credit information is derived from public sources and from http://www.ebixlife.com/vitalsigns/default.aspx

The information on this site is from sources believed to be accurate. The content is presented free as a service to the public. Considerable care has been taken to ascertain facts. However, no facts or recommendations from this site should be relied upon without consultation with appropriate professional counsel regarding validity and application to your particular situation.