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To give you a better idea of how we’ve used DCF Income Payments with other clients, please refer to these Case Studies. These are case studies describing each of the different types of DCF Payments, and how clients have used them to create stable, reliable income in a variety of situations.

What are DCF Income Payments?

DCF Income Payments originate as structured settlements of personal injury cases that include defined future payment streams backed by annuities.   

Individuals who sell some or all of their future payments do so in a court-ordered assignment process whereby the annuity issuers and legal counsel comply with state-specific transfer laws and IRS statutes.  DCF Exchange is a buyer of these payments and distributes DCF Income Payments through a network of financial advisors nationwide, including this website.

Purchasers of DCF Income Payments become the new payee of these transferred, in-force payment streams backed by annuities.  At no time are transferred payment streams pooled, aggregated, managed by or subject to fees of a manager. 

All purchaser acquisition funds and assigned payments are handled by a state and federally regulated bank and trust company in a dedicated escrow account environment.  

DCF Income Payments come in three categories:

For Income Now, use Immediate Income DCF Payments

For Income Later, use Deferred Income DCF Payments

For Safe Growth, use Lump Sum DCF Payments

DCF Income Payments Come From Top Rated Carriers

Case Studies Using DCF Income Payments

Find a case study that matches your situation, or browse the real examples below.

Client: Dan S.

Situation: 70 years old, Needed $5000/ month for 10 years, starting in 10 years, after a business sale note stopped paying off.

Due Diligence: Concerned with volatility, loss, can’t replace the capital at his age, and caution at doing business over the internet

Has: $300,000 cash to work with.

Solution: After doing extensive personal background checking on us, and speaking with our attorney and his own advisors, Dan decided to use DCF Income Payments. He used several deferred income deals averaging 5.5% yield to produce the desired income.

Client: George And Linda R.

Situation: Mid 50’s, Both Recently retired, debt free, seeking fixed term income, planned to move to Mexico and live cheaper.

Due Diligence: Had researched annuities online and met with multiple advisors. We encouraged him to continue the research and use us as a library or to bounce any ideas off. Over time, our honest advice helped Frank make his own informed decision.

Assets: $500,000 in 2 IRA’s

Solution: Our fixed income streams produced more than enough income for 20 years. They planned to save and reinvest over time and not spend all their income, but the certainty of income made retirement a reality. Surprisingly, both returned to work after putting these retirement plans into action, but did so complete by choice and because they got great offers.

Client: Colin K.

Situation: Higher income, late 40’s aged doctor. Excellent saver, seeking long term, deferred lump sum and income streams for planned retirement in mid 60’s. 20-40 year timeline

Assets: $600,000 cash and IRA

Due Diligence: Sought a long term, set and forget 6 to 7% yield for years. Chased the market down, but after seeing our income streams and doing due diligence on us and the industry, decided these were perfect.

Solution: Used multiple life contingent and fixed income and lump sum streams and a family trust to create a substantial deferred income and asset base for future. Of special note, he took advantage of ultra low home equity rates to refinance his home, and used the proceeds to buy a higher yielding payment that will pay off his mortgage with several hundred K extra. Generated several hundred $K net income over 18 years using otherwise stagnant home equity.

Client: Paul L.

Situation: Retired early, seeking ultra safe steady income.

Assets: More Than $2M

Due Diligence: Before working with us, he already owned multiple annuities and secondary market annuities but he found our advice, selection, and service to be far superior to his ‘other guys.’

Solution: Client spent $250K on deferred income ‘longevity insurance’ FIRST to secure lifetime income from age 80 onwards. Then used $800K to fill in a stable and defined timeline income using fixed payments. Has more than enough fixed income to live on. Using long term deferred longevity insurance, life contingent, and fixed term payments, Paul’s blended average assumed rate of return through age 100 is over 8%, all 100% safe. Turning $1M into over $8M fixed lifetime income. DIA/Lifetime income contracts bought early were the key to making it all work.

Client: Kurt H.

Situation: Late 50’s, just sold company, looking to create income with the down payment as his stock sale and note carryback matured and paid over time

Due Diligence: Needs income to be stable while the business note matures and pays off. Did due diligence by comparing our services to other vendors and by speaking to prior clients and our attorney.

Assets: $300,000

Solution: Purchase 10 year, immediate income payment stream.

Client: Dave L.

Situation: Late 50’s, seeking to use a stagnant IRA to create income to satisfy RMD’s and to live on. Substantial other assets, still semi-working.

Due Diligence: Dave is a confident investor and individual. Shopped the market widely, spoke to multiple vendors and advisors before committing. Ultimately, Dave brought the deal he wanted to buy to us from another vendor but wanted us to process it for him because he likes how we did business, how we spoke honestly, and how we handled legal review and transparency.

Assets: $200,000

Solution: 10 year deferred, 20 year payout DCF Income Payment in an IRA. Satisfies RMD’s and used money otherwise sitting in cash. 5.75% effective rate of return.

Client: Rick R.

Situation: Retired at 65 with IRA’s and substantial other assets.

Due Diligence: As an owner of multiple payment streams prior to knowing us, Rick had already addressed many of his concerns about structured settlement payment streams. He initially found us researching Hybrid annuities, then came back around to purchase fixed term payments.

Assets: >$2M

Solution: Initially invested in lifetime income FIA. After discovering structured settlement payments, he chose to surrender and ‘self insure’ longevity risk thru other assets. $1.8M investment producing over $4.6M in fixed income to himself and heirs over 35 years. Sufficient other assets and income to re-invest over time.

Client: Bill K.

Situation: Retired, Spouse working. Had pensions, SS, and a significant fixed annuity

Due Diligence: Attracted to the yield of DCF Income Payments so did extensive due diligence on us, spoke to an attorney and to prior clients before commitment.

Assets: $300K cash to invest

Solution: Created additional defined term income streams for 20+ years, while preserving the assets in both the fixed annuity and in other holdings. Pensions, annuities, and SS combined to create a broad and secure income stream.

Client: Bill F.

Situation: Retired early, with pension and savings. 2 High School aged boys ready for college

Due Diligence: Did his own extensive due diligence on us- tracked down where we lived, our family, called references, spoke to attorney. Documented all, all checked out.

Assets: $300,000

Solution: Bill created a high yield yet deferred income that would mature after the kids were out of college. Using deferred income payments, Bill created an income stream to support himself and wife. 

Client: Rob B.

Situation: laid off, significant savings, single man.

Due Diligence: Speaking with us for months about regular annuities, but did not take action until this product became available.

Assets: >$400,000

Solution: Within 15 minutes of us learning about these payments streams, Rob was our first buyer. They were perfect for his situation, and he created income and deferred lump sums that set him up for life. No other annuity offered the same yield and output. Has subsequently become a good friend, come on fishing trips with us, and has spoken to numerous other clients of ours as a reference.

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